This film is the product of a collaborative film project I organized in 2014, aiming to give myself and other young creatives an opportunity to gain film production experience. All ~20 people involved in the production worked for free. To facilitate engagement, I encouraged everyone in the crew to take the film in a direction beneficial to their own professional interest. The editor arranged it to fit his film school application; the sound engineer wanted more on-set recording experience; the actors wanted to explore unfamiliar roles, etc.


Director/Producer: Oliver Herlitschek
Screenwriter: Michael Weems
DOP/Camera Operator: Lucas Helth Postma
Editor: Mads Jøns Frausig
Sound Engineer/Composer: Daniel Bøgh Nielsen
Color: Nick Zacharkiw, Jump Studios
Costume Designer: Julie Celine Zwicky
Make Up Artist: Mia Møller Jakobsen
Cast: Ane Stensgaard Juul, Shahbaz Sarwar

Thanks to Henrik Holm at the Royal Danish Cast Collection.