Imagining each element of a vacation as individual cards in a deck, I designed an interactive itinerary for a travel start-up. Users browse through different “decks” and trade cards with the travel agency, switching hotels, modes of transport and activities until they have a vacation tailored to their needs. This all happens on a mobile device, further enhancing the sensation of having a physical deck of cards in hand.

As a contrast to the huge saturated photos, I designed a simple identity based on three colours, a simple set of icons and a playful typeface for a solid foundation that easily adapts to new media, content and design treatments.

Tying it all together, the poi was created. A visual element inspired by a Point Of Interest –the cartographic equivalent of thumbtacks on a map. There’s just one rule to the poi; it always has to go to the edge of the page, playing with the thought of venturing into the unknown.

The app is currently in private beta.