Frankly Awards

Frankly Awards is an annual agency event where values like hard work, positivity and ambition are awarded within Frankly. Five prestigious qualities are chosen, and employees vote for the most suitable nominees.

It started as an after-hours thing over a beer and a He-Man action figure sprayed gold for a trophy, but was blown completely out of proportion under my creative direction in the time I was involved with the agency.

In 2013, I designed medals for each award in collaboration with a local goldsmith. To go with the medals, I shot and produced these five category videos in exactly 24 hours:

A few days before the actual show, I made this short video revealing the nominees:

Wanting to continuously surprise my coworkers and being heavily inspired by immersive theatre, I planned a day that was part escape game, part stageplay and part Fort Boyard for the 2014 Frankly Awards. Members of the agency would enter the abandoned lab of a mad scientist, all individually invited by handwritten mail to their home address. Here, they’d undergo different challenges to test their worth, surrounded by live rats, bulletin boards filled with conspiracy theories and the severed head of a pig. An 8-feet obelisk contained the prizes except for the most important one, Frankly Of The Year, which was announced back at the agency:

The highly anticipated events created a huge sense of compassion among my coworkers: