I'm a designer and filmmaker from Copenhagen, Denmark with a background in digital design. I strive to only work on honest projects I personally believe in.

The site features a range of work to showcase my versatility. Documentation of my +6 years of digital design work can be requested.

Fanciest clients

Carlsberg, The Coca-Cola Company, Sprite, Microsoft, Nordea, Toms, Pfizer, SodaStream, Maersk, Garage/Dynamite and Jack & Jones.


— Graduated in Graphic Design and Digital Media with honors from KTS Copenhagen

— Received national recognition for thesis

— Received Webby Award Honourable Mention

— Started a business selling modern Indian furniture marketed towards Scandinavian homes – that failed miserably

— Ran a collaborative film project for young filmmakers culminating in Tilde, a short film produced on a $0 budget

— Reinvented the Sprite brand with Frankly

— Moved from Copenhagen to Toronto for new opportunities 💖

Feel free to reach out at hi@oeev.dk or call me at +1 (647) 331-8484.